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Cat Poland

Cat Poland

Lead Storyteller/Strategist

As a writer and communication strategist for the past 15 years, one of the most satisfying aspects of my job is when I hear that a story I wrote directly impacted a business or organization. When your clients, members, volunteers, employees, etc., want to sing your praises, are you ready with a microphone?

Do you have the time and skill capacity to capture their experience in a way that moves others to action? That stirs emotion and builds trust? That paints a picture in which others can see themselves?

I do. And so do the team of writers in my network.

Let us be your storytellers, interviewing your clients and stakeholders in a professional, comfortable way, allowing them to express their deep appreciation for your services. And then, let’s tell the world. Testify.

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“I take my work very seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously, meaning I bring light and levity to the project while delivering high-quality results.”

My Skills

Relationship Building
Social Media
Strategy Development
Team Leadership
Sensitive Issue Communication

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