Stan Finger is a Pulitzer Prize nominee and award-winning writer who spent more than 34 years as a staff writer at The Wichita Eagle. He is also the author of two books: the novel Fallen Trees and Into the Deep, co-written with the lone survivor of a family killed in a flash flood that claimed six lives on the Kansas Turnpike in 2003.

Have you ever looked for an online review of a business or a book and seen a post accompanied by a few words or a vague sentence or two? It’s frustrating, because you’re left with just as many questions as you started with. Client testimonials such as those offered by Testify are valuable because they go beyond the surface to reveal more about the customer experience. The testimonies help consumers feel informed and confident about their shopping choices and buying decisions. That means when they call or walk into the door, they’re ready to do business.

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